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Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end research and data analytics services to the public sector.

What we do

  • Communications and Marketing Research

    • Communication strategy research
    • Campaign development and refinement
    • Campaign tracking and evaluation
    • Information product testing
    • Communication audits
    • Audience segmentation research
  • Client and Stakeholder Research

    • Client surveys
    • Voice of the customer programs
    • Stakeholder perception/relationship management
    • ORIMACEM – ORIMA Client Experience Model
    • Benchmarking
    • ORIMAstep co-creation workshops
    • Consultation & submission analysis
  • Employee Research

    • Employee surveys
    • OREEM – ORIMA Employee Engagement Model
    • Benchmarking
  • Community Research

    • Community awareness and attitude surveys
    • Community perception tracking
    • Audience segmentation research
  • Policy Development and Program Management Research

    • Exploring potential community reactions
    • Testing policy / program options
    • Co-designing service delivery approaches
    • Impact studies
  • Program Evaluations and Reviews

    • Development of performance measurement frameworks and indicators
    • Multi-method evaluations
    • Compliance reviews
    • Performance audits/reviews
  • Data Analytics

    • Actuarial analysis
    • Administrative data analytics (Big Data)
    • Compliance monitoring, reporting and tools
    • Sense-making of data
  • Data Portals and Ballots

    • Online surveys and forms
    • Secure ballot platforms
    • Online data collection portals
    • Feedback and complaints management systems
    • Dashboard reporting
    • Apps
  • Disability Services Research

    • A specialised team focussed on disability research and consulting services with significant subject matter expertise
    • Fit-for-purpose, person-centric, inclusive survey and research methodologies
    • Easy English surveys tailored to those with cognitive impairment and complex communication needs
    • Design and application of impact and outcome measurement frameworks
    • Affordable and rapid implementation of business intelligence tools for disability and multi-service providers
    • Critical incident, complaints and risk handling for disability and human services organisations
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Research

    • A specialised team with expertise in conducting culturally appropriate quantitative and qualitative research with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples in metropolitan, regional and remote Australia
    • An Australia-wide Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander interviewer field force, equipped to conduct face-to-face interviews in their local communities
    • A regular cost-effective Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Omnibus Survey – take advantage of an existing sample and only pay for the questions you want to ask
    • Research approach, design, conduct, analysis and reporting informed by Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander advisors

Our people

Our principals

  • Szymon Duniec, BEc (Hons), QPR, FAMSRS, MIPPA, MAASM, MAMI

    Managing Director | Melbourne

    Szymon is one of Australia’s leading public sector research consultants, with over 25 years of relevant experience.  He is a recent past National President of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and is a Fellow of the Society.  Szymon is also a member of the Privacy Compliance Committee of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO).

    Szymon has a hands-on role in translating research findings into meaningful and actionable outcomes.

  • Liz Duniec, BSc (Psych), Grad Dip (Org Psych), Master of Applied Positive Psychology, QPR, FAMSRS, MIPPA, MAASM, MAMI

    Founding Director | Melbourne

    Liz established ORIMA Research in 1996 with the aim of being a provider of innovative and high quality research consultancy services to the public sector.  ORIMA Research is now Australia’s largest provider of research, evaluation and data analytics services to the public sector. Liz has over 25 years of experience in market and social research.

    Prior to starting ORIMA Research, she was a Principal of Interaction Consulting Group for three years and a management consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (formerly Coopers and Lybrand’s Human Resources and Strategic Management Group) in Canberra for over four years.  Liz has an academic background in psychology, including a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Melbourne.  She currently specialises in attitude and behaviour change through social marketing, communications research and strategic government research to support policy and program development and evaluations.

  • Rodney Latimer, BA (Hons) (PolSci, Eco, Asian Studies), QPR, MMSRS

    Director | Canberra

    Rodney has a background in economics and political science. He has over 20 years of experience in market and social research in both the public and private sectors.

    He is highly experienced in the project management of sensitive government-to-business and business-to-business research.  He specialises in policy development and program management research, client/stakeholder research, employee research, corporate strategy development and service delivery.

More about our people

Who we work with

ORIMA is a genuine public sector research specialist – over 90% of our business is conducted for public sector clients

  • 97% of our clients were satisfied with our overall performance.
  • 97% of our clients said they’d work with us again.
  • 96% of our clients would recommend us to others.


  • We are grateful for the work of ORIMA Research. Their service in administering the survey and ensuring data quality was exemplary. It is every researcher’s wish to work with a group that operates at this level of professional quality.

    Cardus Education Survey Australia
  • In 2018–19 the ACCC engaged ORIMA Research to undertake a survey and conduct interviews with key stakeholders to qualitatively measure our effectiveness in achieving our purpose.  The key findings from this research have been incorporated into this annual performance statement for 2018–19 and substantially enhance our performance measurement and reporting.

  • They are a trusted government partner who work collaboratively with the client to develop a robust campaign evaluation program within a tight time frame. ORIMA was highly responsive and flexible to the client’s changing needs and delivered a comprehensive research report.

    Anonymous – NSW Goverment Agency
  • We have been so impressed with the level of service and ease of communication between ourselves and the ORIMA Research team. The findings from the research work they undertook for us has been so informative and increased our motivation and confidence to deliver a great project. As a not-for-profit it was important to strike a balance between maintaining a set budget and still getting enough out of the research. The flexibility that was afforded to us meant we achieved the objective of the research while remaining on-budget.

    Mental Health Australia
  • They were fantastic to deal with on this project. Not only were they accommodating to our very short and changing timelines, but they went above and beyond to provide additional details and confirm queries in a timely manner. They also demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of surveying within the public sector along with knowledge from other projects.

    Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Out of all the contractors I have dealt with on projects, ORIMA have positively exceeded all my previous experiences. ORIMA have set an exceptionally high benchmark for other researchers/contractors in the field.

    Victorian Disability Services Commissioner
  • Staff were responsive, flexible, professional and aware of the issues relevant to our research project. I could not recommend them highly enough, their impact on the success of this project was enormous. Their efforts have ensured that we will receive support to carry out these evaluations into the future, and have made us all look good! Thank you!

  • The ORIMA team demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of our project and requirements and were able to take our abstract and often unclear ideas and turn them into a professional and appropriate product. Working with ORIMA was an extremely positive experience for me and my team and I will encourage others to use their services.

    Lifeline Australia

Our projects

Most of our reports are confidential and are not publicly released.
Here are some examples of our publicly available reports:

  • Survey of research culture in Australian NHMRC-funded institutions

    Prepared by ORIMA Research for the National Health and Medical Research Council (2020)

    In May 2019, the NHMRC commissioned ORIMA Research to conduct a survey on its behalf in relation to the research culture in Australian NHMRC-funded institutions. The survey results are being used to inform other activities being undertaken by NHMRC as part of its Research Quality Strategy to ensure the highest quality of NHMRC-funded research by providing guidance and supporting good practices throughout the research cycle.

    Read more about Survey of research culture in Australian NHMRC-funded institutions

  • Online Safety for Children and Young People

    Prepared by ORIMA Research for Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (2019).

    Read more about Online Safety for Children and Young People

  • Point to Point Transport Survey

    Prepared by ORIMA Research for IPART (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW) (2019)

    Read more about Point to Point Transport Survey

For research participants

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We regularly conduct surveys and focus groups with people around Australia. Many of our research projects play an important role in informing government processes and decisions affecting the Australian community. Participants in these studies are rewarded through cash payments or vouchers. Click here with your details and phone number.


Privacy policy

ORIMA Research (ABN 77 076 347 914 / ACN 076 347 914) respects and upholds your rights under the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).

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ORIMA Research is a growing research company and we are always looking to recruit high quality staff. We look for people who share our corporate values, particularly our commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation.  

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