Who we work with

ORIMA is a genuine public sector research specialist – over 90% of our business is conducted for public sector clients

  • 97% of our clients were satisfied with our overall performance.
  • 97% of our clients said they’d work with us again.
  • 96% of our clients would recommend us to others.


  • We are grateful for the work of ORIMA Research. Their service in administering the survey and ensuring data quality was exemplary. It is every researcher’s wish to work with a group that operates at this level of professional quality.

    Cardus Education Survey Australia
  • In 2018–19 the ACCC engaged ORIMA Research to undertake a survey and conduct interviews with key stakeholders to qualitatively measure our effectiveness in achieving our purpose.  The key findings from this research have been incorporated into this annual performance statement for 2018–19 and substantially enhance our performance measurement and reporting.

  • They are a trusted government partner who work collaboratively with the client to develop a robust campaign evaluation program within a tight time frame. ORIMA was highly responsive and flexible to the client’s changing needs and delivered a comprehensive research report.

    Anonymous – NSW Goverment Agency
  • We have been so impressed with the level of service and ease of communication between ourselves and the ORIMA Research team. The findings from the research work they undertook for us has been so informative and increased our motivation and confidence to deliver a great project. As a not-for-profit it was important to strike a balance between maintaining a set budget and still getting enough out of the research. The flexibility that was afforded to us meant we achieved the objective of the research while remaining on-budget.

    Mental Health Australia
  • They were fantastic to deal with on this project. Not only were they accommodating to our very short and changing timelines, but they went above and beyond to provide additional details and confirm queries in a timely manner. They also demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of surveying within the public sector along with knowledge from other projects.

    Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Out of all the contractors I have dealt with on projects, ORIMA have positively exceeded all my previous experiences. ORIMA have set an exceptionally high benchmark for other researchers/contractors in the field.

    Victorian Disability Services Commissioner
  • Staff were responsive, flexible, professional and aware of the issues relevant to our research project. I could not recommend them highly enough, their impact on the success of this project was enormous. Their efforts have ensured that we will receive support to carry out these evaluations into the future, and have made us all look good! Thank you!

  • The ORIMA team demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of our project and requirements and were able to take our abstract and often unclear ideas and turn them into a professional and appropriate product. Working with ORIMA was an extremely positive experience for me and my team and I will encourage others to use their services.

    Lifeline Australia


Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) play a central role in the Australian system of ethical oversight of research involving humans by reviewing research proposals involving human participants. This is to ensure that they are ethically acceptable and conducted in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines, including those in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The ORIMA Research Human Research Ethics Committee (ORIMA Research HREC) has been established to review and monitor human research projects to ensure our projects are of a high quality, ethically sound and in line with ORIMA’s core values.

The ORIMA Research HREC is registered as a Human Research Ethics Committee with the NHMRC. As such, the ORIMA Research HREC is constituted and functions in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

The ORIMA Research HREC comprises:

Chairperson – Mr Des Pearson AO (former Auditor‐General of Victoria and Western Australia)

Psychologist – Ms Lisa Henry (Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Supervisor, The University of Melbourne Psychology Clinic)

Lawyer – Ms Ashe‐Lee Jegathesan (Chief Operating Officer at Uniti Group Limited)

Person who performs a pastoral care role in the community – Mr Laurie Harkin AM (former Victorian Disability Services Commissioner)

Two lay people ‐ Rob Hyatt and Tracey Matters

Two ORIMA staff – Szymon Duniec (Managing Director) and Tyler Forrester (Principal Research Consultant)


The review of research proposals by the ORIMA Research HREC involves a fee of $10,000 (exclusive of GST).

Expert panel

We have developed an in-house panel of expert consultants and academics in a range of specialised fields, who we partner with on a project-by-project basis.

We are always seeking to expand our panel.  If you would like to join and have expert knowledge in any field please click here.