Our values

  • Be client focused

    We are responsive to our clients, providing tailored solutions to meet their needs.

  • Pursue excellence

    We have a consistent focus on quality, performing work with efficiency, diligence, care & accuracy.

  • Be humble, respectful and courteous

    We recognise the contribution of others to our success, & treat clients, participants & staff with respect.

  • Apply creativity and innovation

    We strive to do things better & encourage new ideas.

  • Be honest and act with integrity

    We conduct our work ethically, honestly & maintain objectivity.

  • Uphold privacy and confidentiality

    We ensure the privacy & confidentiality of research participants & clients.

  • Encourage a positive and supportive culture

    We base staffing decisions on merit & invest in staff development.

  • Contribute to your community

    We contribute positively to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility program.