COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Research

ORIMA conducts many ongoing surveys among the Australian community and employee groups on behalf of governments and other decision makers. Because of this, we are uniquely placed to collect reliable and timely data about the impact of the pandemic on all segments of the community.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the economy in early 2020, we developed a toolkit that is used in conjunction with existing surveys to collect data that contributes to the evidence-base, enabling governments, community and industry leaders to make informed decisions about how to move towards economic and social recovery. This largely pro-bono work is rolling out continuously using three key components:

The COVID-19 Recovery Tracker

The CRT is tracking the impacts on the Australian community. It includes a short set of core metrics including impact; sense of control; and mood. The CRT now provides population benchmarks that can be included to aid interpretation in any existing or new survey.

We also have a stand-alone survey that is open to anyone in the community to complete. Click here to do the CRT General Community survey.

Click here to see results from all CRT surveys.

For more information about how to get involved in the CRT, click here or email us at [email protected].

The Employee Pulse

For our organisational clients we have developed the Employee Pulse. The Pulse has three core phases that are designed to enable senior managers to check-in with the functioning and wellbeing of their workforce. For more information about the Employee Pulse email us at [email protected].

The NGO Workforce Response Omnibus

The NGO Omnibus survey has been designed specifically for human service organisations to quickly and reliably assess a range of factors associated with new ways of working and service delivery. It can also be supplemented by a plain English customer experience survey (online or by phone). This cost-effective tool can be run in waves so that NGOs can track responses over time and benchmark against the sector. For more information email us at [email protected].