COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Research

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged shockingly quickly at the end of 2019 and into early 2020.  By April 2020 the social paradigm of the past few generations has been dramatically changed, with jobs and the economy massively impacted, borders closed and people confined to their homes.  Modern Australia has never looked like this, and how long it will last can’t be known.

Reliable and meaningful information will be critical to governments and other decision makers during the acute phase and into the recovery.  This will enable informed planning and decision making, monitoring of change and the impact of actions taken, and give a voice to the community – including those parts that are finding times hardest.

Because of the very large number of surveys of the Australian community and employee groups we conduct for government, when Australia started to be significantly affected we quickly realised ORIMA has a distinct way we can contribute to the evidence-base and data available.  The particular way we saw to best contribute was to create a data collection toolkit that can be included in existing and new surveys to collect common data, from which we can triangulate a multi-faceted view of the Australian community.

By collecting consistent data across so many different sources, this approach will collectively show the scale of the impact, and then the trajectory and consistency of the recovery.  There are two major components that we are drawing data into the overall project from.



COVID-19 Recovery Tracker (CRT) Employee Pulse NGO Workforce Response Omnibus

CRT is tracking the size and consistency of the impact of COVID-19 across the Australian community now, and into the recovery phase to come.

It includes a short set of core metrics on impact, sense of control and mood that can be included in any existing or new survey. The extended set of questions in the CRT general community survey can also be used in other surveys.

Data from all surveys using the CRT questions will contribute towards the overall tracking data, and provide benchmarks and comparisons to help contextualise general survey results – enabling effective interpretation of data, and to inform recovery initiatives.

Click here to do the CRT general community survey.

The recent disruptions to the entire Australian workforce (e.g. remote working, new/scaling-up of on-site WH&S practices) has raised the need for Senior Management teams to take stock of how well their people are coping and functioning.

For our organisational clients we have developed the employee pulse, designed to provide a mechanism for feedback and engagement beyond just the objective of recovering, and with a view to building a thriving workforce.

The pulse contains 3 core phases. The first 30 days assessment is designed to give Senior Management a sitrep on the core functioning of their workforce. The subsequent 60 days and 100 days phases keep a tab on the critical business function metrics but also broadens the focus to assess workforce engagement drivers.

Clients who utilise the Pulse will become part of a support community of employers through which good-practice ideas from lived experience can be shared.

The human services sector has rapidly established service continuity and new ways of working with customers.

The Non-Government Organisation Workforce Response Omnibus (NGO Omnibus) has been designed specifically for human service organisations to quickly and reliably assess:

  • staff wellbeing and engagement
  • adoption to new ways of working
  • access to equipment (office / protective)
  • service delivery and quality
  • feedback, gaps and opportunities.

The NGO Omnibus can also be supplemented by a short plain English customer experience survey (delivered online or via phone).

This cost effective tool can be run in waves to ensure NGOs can track responses over time and benchmark against the sector. The NGO Omnibus includes a results chart pack, heat map data tables, and one-on-one consultation to debrief and harness our expertise and insights gained from running hundreds of workforce surveys.

See current results from the CRT here (Updated 20 August) For more information on the ORIMA COVID Employee Pulse survey:
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For more information on the ORIMA NGO Workforce Omnibus survey:
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Click here for a 2-page information sheet about including the core CRT questions in a survey
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